Social Media Marketing Course
This Course Contains the latest & best methods & techniques used to market your product , service online “ the main focus here on social media marketing regarding Facebook, Twitter, Google pluse, LinkedIn & YouTube “.
you will learn the following: 
Learn How you build your Business identity online 
Grow your audience, Learn how you can increase your fans & followers 
Engagement: ways to encourage engagement online 
Sales: learn the nest ways to market your product or service online to drive more sales
Productivity techniques: free & paid tools which help you syndicate your content easily, monitor your audience 
Measurement: learn important tools to measure &analyze your online work
Best Practice & case studies For Facebook, twitter, Google plus ,LinkedIn&YouTube
Strategy : How You Can Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy
 ( Materials For  each platform available )
If you want ask about more details like course hours, number of workshops per week & the Cost,
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