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Welcome to my online world ………….
Thank you for visiting my personal website & taking the time to read my story. My goal is to add value & help you to build your online business, and if you have one, I will teach you how to take it to the next level by giving you information, tools, training & experience you need to walk easily & destroy any bumps you face in your online future.
But before going further, let me introduce myself to you:
My name is Radwa Shawky, I just a person who believes in this golden words “ do what you love to love what you do “ yes this is the main concept I apply in my life. I didn’t work in any job. I do not like it. The secret to continue in your success is to find yourself in what you do & get the message which you were born to deliver  it to the world.
I am graduated from English commerce and like any fresh graduate searching for myself in different jobs. I worked a lot in different fields, but I worked and stop because I did not find myself in what I did.
I was watching opera Winfrey & Dr Phil programs and I noticed that they introduced success stories about people who work online. I am searching until I found that I should have certain skills to work online. By searching a lot I found what I want to learn, yes it is online marketing the great science which I fall in love !!!!!!!!!!!
I was studying this great science and develop myself.  I bought a lot of courses From Abroad & studied a diploma  to discover a lot of secrets about it.
I was teaching online marketing 4 years ago in Alexandria, Cairo and online courses. I am also working 2 years marketing for American network companies. Working as entrepreneurs and mentor enforce me to test and try what is new in this field. I learnt how you can create a great mix from online marketing and network marketing. I also have a great network with other online marketers in USA & Canada who fully have online life.
I am now a freelancer online marketing Trainer. Teaching Social Media, Blogging & email marketing. Helping others build their online business and make analysis for any companies by discovering its weak points and helping their staff to market online in a professional way.
The most important concept you should know, how you can leverage your life which means “ how you can do more and more ( more money, more result, more value)  with less & less ( less effort, less energy, less time) “  you can achieve that by build an automated system to work for you and this what I will teach you.
Online marketing is an art which means it doesn’t matter what program you have. Programs will come and go but an understanding of how to effectively market will last forever. The beauty of online marketing that you can speak to those who want to listen to you and be more visible and reach to your target easily.
In the first, I was struggling to find real steps to success in this field but when I found it, apply it, I decided to make this guide and called it “ online business steps “  to help others to find their way online.
Online business steps is a personal site more than business, because I introduced my experience, opinion, success stories, articles concern online marketing. Online business steps are my online world which I created to deliver my message. I enjoy the journey to build it, develop it and hope you enjoy the journey to visit my site too.
Online business steps is a guide for any person want to know about online marketing and be up-to-date with news, info, tools used  to make your marketing easily. I will teach you how you can market any company online by supporting you with courses, books; info …… just follow me.
Finally, I want to thank you for using your valuable time to learn more about me & my site and hope online business steps helps & guides you in your journey.
I Like these words and want to share it with you.
 “ The readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow ” just read to lead


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